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The Churchill area is an active, vibrant area on the southwest edge of Eugene. It is primarily a family and residential neighborhood, and is also home to many important community businesses, both commercial and industrial. There is also a very large, varied, and important natural wetlands area that provides excellent opportunities for the watching and studying of birds, waterfowl and wetlands critters.

On the far west edge of the area, the land is flat with mostly straight streets of residential property. As one travels past the high school, back towards downtown, the streets become more and more curving, as the land slopes uphill, gently at first, then gradually the grade becoming a bit steeper. At the higher elevations are the newer streets as well as awesome views of the Coast Range Mountains, Fern Ridge Lake, the Coburg Hills, and some of the lower neighborhoods of Eugene.

Bailey Hill Road and 18th Ave are the two primary thoroughfares through the neighborhood, and are also the primary commercial areas. Here one can find many local business services and shopping centers. On the far edge f the neighborhood is one of Eugene’s prime industrial parcels. The original facility was built to manufacture semi-conductors, and this spawned the growth of other hi-tech businesses, including a major bio-tech employer.

Parks & Recreation

The Churchill area is noted for it’s many wide-open spaces, park like settings, and recreational activities. On the West edge of the Churchill area neighborhood is the Willow Creek Natural Area, a pristine wetlands area for hiking and bird watching. The Churchill Sports Park, next to Churchill High School is a hub of activity for youngsters, teens, seniors and team sports.

In addition to wonderful local neighborhood parks, including Hawkins Heights Park, Skyview Park, Videra Park, and Melvin Miller Park, the area is home to 4 public schools, one private school, a college, large Medical and Health clinic, and a large Hi-tech facility, each of which have large, green, scenic campuses. Other amenities include several churches, a senior retirement community and a few upscale condominium complexes all with park like settings.

Real Estate

While the areas around Chambers St and the eastern part of 18th are well established, much of the area is relatively new, with most construction and development beginning in the late sixties and thereafter. There are still many opportunities for development, with readily available land for residential, commercial and industrial investment. Although much of the area has the look and feel of a residential, family oriented neighborhood, the area is indeed extremely diverse.

At the higher elevations on the south edge are newer streets and developments. This is where some of Eugene’s largest and most expensive homes can be found on the rolling, curving streets. Building lots and other planned developments are today plentiful.

Zip Codes

The neighborhood is split approximately half in the 97402 zipcode and half in the 97405 zipcode.

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