Creswell Oregon Real Estate


Known as one of the friendliest small towns in the state, Creswell is also one of Oregon’s fastest growing communities. Just a ten minute drive south from Eugene, Creswell serves as a bedroom community for many. Because it was originally built near the Coast Fork of the Willamette River where native Calapooia Indians gathered camas bulbs for food, the town today boasts a rich soil that sustains large agricultural interests, from grass seed to filberts and berries.

Right in the city is the 33-acre Garden Lake Park. An annual Fourth of July celebration never fails to bring the whole town together and the municipal airport has fostered an active aviation community. A 100th birthday celebration is being planned to take place in 2009 for the city which was incorporated in 1909.


Population: 4.650
Zip Code: 97426

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