Far West Neighborhood Real Estate


The Far West neighborhood, with its busy streets, popular restaurants and major shopping districts is primarily a commuter neighborhood. Many people traveling through the area are coming or going to other parts of the city on one of the five primary arterials that are a part of the neighborhood. Or they may be biking on the Amazon Creek Bikeway or any of the other numerous bike paths throughout the neighborhood.

The primary residential areas lie to the west of the well-traveled Chambers Street, and to the south of W. 11th, one of the busiest streets in all of Eugene. Quiet, quaint streets with simple, attractive residences, the neighborhood is a mixture of single family houses, duplexes, and multi-family apartments. There is ample parking, easy sidewalks, and large yards. Although traffic is full during morning and afternoon rush hours, it flows well and getting around is easy.

The land in this area is mostly flat, with straight streets that are well laid out and easy to navigate. Chambers St and West 18th, the western and southern boundaries of the neighborhood is where the local residents go to shop at stores, shops and small business services. Nearby a full service medical clinic, part of the extensive Oregon Medical Group services. A few blocks away, W. 11th bisects the northern part of the neighborhood. If a person wanted to, they would never have to leave the W. 11th shopping district. They could, quite likely, find everything they were looking for, from restaurants, malls, discount stores, automotive, professional and business services, to entertainment, recreation, and government services.

Parks & Recreation

Traversing through the heart of the Far West Neighbors area is Amazon Creek Linear Park, part of the extensive greenway that follows the banks of Amazon Creek throughout all of Eugene. This is a favorite route for bicycle commuters, joggers, runners and walkers. Also there are wonderful city parks, Berkeley Park, Garfield Park, and one of Eugene’s newest parks, Martin Luther King Park.

Among the numerous multi family apartment buildings are many with park-like campuses that contribute nicely to the wooded look and feel to the central part of the neighborhood.

Real Estate

Although this neighborhood is two-thirds renter occupied housing, it has the look and feel of a “traditional” residential neighborhood with mostly single family houses. This is because of the large apartment complex in the middle of the neighborhood that is tucked away amongst the trees along Amazon creek, and does not seem overpowering as one drives or walks through the area. Seventy percent of the entire neighborhood is residential, and the vast majority of this is single family.

The area has been fully built up for more then 30 years and currently there is less then 3% vacant land. Development now consists of some commercial opportunities, converting existing residential houses to commercial ventures on the main streets, and improvements to existing properties.

Zip Codes

The entire neighborhood is split fairly evenly between 97402 and 97405.

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