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The Friendly area neighborhood is one of Eugene’s oldest and most desirable. Rich in history, it imbues all the color and diversity that makes Eugene so livable and alive.

It is named after the popular street that bisects the neighborhood north and south. The street itself is named after Sam Friendly, a well like mayor of early Eugene who was a primary force in getting the University of Oregon located in the city.

This neighborhood, consisting of about 150 square blocks on 1000 acres is generally flat, with a higher, gentle elevation rising in the south. This is the well known and popular College Hill area, a smaller neighborhood within the Friendly area. It has long been a favorite place to live by young professionals and University types, including students.

Although the Friendly Area is considered a truly residential neighborhood, it is dotted with many mostly small businesses – restaurants and shops – that add to the neighborhood flavor and vibrancy. With it’s wide, mostly flat areas, it is easy to get around by walking or by bicycle, as many folks do. It has close proximity to downtown and there are numerous bus routes and bus stops throughout.

While most of the main traffic of the city flows on the perimeter of the neighborhood, Willamette Street is a vibrant, active, busy thoroughfare on the eastern edge of the neighborhood. This is one of Eugene’s oldest and popular streets, home to an eclectic collection of businesses and services that add to the richness and color of the neighborhood.

Parks & Recreation

Friendly Area is home to five city parks, including Amazon park, perhaps Eugene’s most popular and most used park. Located on the eastern boundary on the neighborhood, along the banks of Amazon Creek, it is central to activities and recreation that attracts visitors from all over the city year round.

At 20th and Willamette is venerable Civic Stadium. Owned by the city of Eugene, this historical athletic field has been home to high school football and professional baseball, as well as many other activities. The Friendly area residents are active in working with the city to find new uses for the stadium and to make improvements to help keep it a part of the community for the future.

Adults and children alike can participate in virtually any sport or recreational activity at one of the parks within the neighborhood, or stroll in open spaces or along wooded creeks.

Real Estate

The College Hill area was settled in the 1920’s, while trhe flatter areas were developed mainly after the 1955. As one of Eugene’s favorite and most popular neighborhoods, it is now fully developed for building, with almost no available areas for new homes.

Walking through the streets, one can find a great variety of house styles – Victorian and Dutch Revival, bungalow and craftsman, cottage and mid-century modern. And even an occasional ranch style. While this is not considered to be an expensive or high priced area, it is a neighborhood that holds and maintains high values, and has one of the cities lowest vacancy rates. It has a very high percentage of single family homes, with very few apartments or multi-family units.

Zip Codes

The entire neighborhood is in the 97405 zip code

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