Jefferson Westside Real Estate


With its close proximity to downtown Eugene and the Lane Events Center, this area is constantly a part of Eugene’s most notable and popular events and activities. With numerous bikeways and pedways crisscrossing the neighborhood, it is popular for visitors who are passing through or who want to enjoy one of the many small neighborhood coffee shops and cafes that dot the area. Among the quaint, funky and cool businesses located here are the Eugene Weekly, the Monroe St Café, Smeed sound Service,

This neighborhood seems to be very community minded and there is a strong network of local residents who have become part of the neighborhood and take pride in where they live. The neighborhood area is surrounded on all four sides by some of Eugene’s busiest streets, and is bisected by a major access to the Interstate. Within this neighborhood there is a strong sense of pride and cohesiveness among the people who call this area home.

Parks & Recreation

In addition to being dotted with several neighborhood parks and wonderful streets for strolling and wandering around, the Jefferson Westside neighborhood is home to Eugene’s most active entertainment venue, the Lane Events Center. Formerly known as the Fairgrounds, this 100-acre activity center is alive with recreation, entertainment, music, fairs and festivals year round. Surrounded by bike paths and bordered by Amazon Creek, there are recreation opportunities both getting there and being there. Once inside, on any given weekend at any time of the year, one will find music and dancing, home shows, sporting events, conventions and educational opportunities, and a nearly endless variety of attractions. It is the place collectors come to buy sell and swap everything under the sun. And if that is not enough, it is also home to the Lane County Historical Museum, a stop on everyone’s Eugene to-do list.

Real Estate

The area is home to some of the oldest houses in Eugene, many of which have been converted to business and commercial use. The area is fully developed, with virtually no opportunity for new construction. But the area abounds with ever changing opportunities for re-construction and new uses for existing properties. The current residential makeup is over 75% rental housing, but it has a lower then average vacancy rate, because it is a neighborhood people like to live in.

Business leaders have long recognized Eugene’s need for downtown revitalization, and it is a high priority for both business leaders and elected officials. As changes and improvements occur and new and exciting activity happens in downtown, the Jefferson Westside neighborhood will also see changes and improvements. Whether a persons primary interest is residential or commercial investment, this is a neighborhood that is on the edge of change and big opportunity in the coming years.

Zip Codes

The entire neighborhood is in split fairly evenly between 97401 and 97402 zipcode.

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