Trainsong Neighborhood Real Estate


The name Trainsong comes from the most interesting feature of the neighborhood – the entire area is surrounded by train tracks, highlighted by the east side that is home to the largest train switching yard between Portland and San Francisco. Originally the home to migrant and transient train workers, the neighborhood has escaped significant industrial development and is home to just a few commercial businesses. On the south end of Bethel Drive, the primary street through the area, is the American Red Cross.

The shape of the neighborhood boundaries are long and narrow, and the area is relatively unknown even to long-time Eugene residents. It is situated just north and west of the downtown core area, and is bordered on one side by Hwy 99, one of Eugene’s busiest thoroughfares. However, since there are no major streets passing through and shopping and commercial development is relatively low, the Trainsong neighborhood easily escapes notice.

There is plenty of Shopping nearby, with easy access to Highway 99 on the North end and the popular “Four Corners’’ area on the south. So although this neighborhood is quiet within it’s boundaries, it is surrounded by major commercial and industrial centers, making many jobs and employers close by.

The neighborhood demographics includes many young families, with the median age being 28 years and almost 60% of all households being families and nearly 1/3 of all residents being under the age of 18.

Parks & Recreation

In the Heart of the Trainsong area is Trainsong Park. This true neighborhood park has a wide and varied number of features and amenities and attracts people with many different interests and activities. Though not as well known as many other parks in Eugene, the city does an excellent job of maintaining it and keeping it “user friendly”. The small, narrow streets and low traffic volume make this is a great neighborhood for afternoon walks and evening strolls.

Real Estate

This residential neighborhood is composed of primarily smaller, single family homes, duplexes, and some multi-family units on quiet streets. Separated by train tracks from other neighborhoods and with only one main street in and out of the area, it enjoys low vehicle traffic. In recent years there has been some commercial investment in business property on the North end. There is still available land and building lots for new construction, and many property owners are making improvements to their houses and the landscape. Although rental units outnumber owner occupied units by a 2 to 1 margin, this neighborhood, once a home for transient rail workers is poised for a growth in popularity and value, especially for first time homebuyers and real estate investment.

A full fifty per cent of the area is zoned residential, with the remaining half split about evenly between commercial and industrial zoning.

Zip Codes

The entire neighborhood is in the 97402 zip code.

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